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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will Client Minders do for me and my business?

  2. Why do I need a customer retention program?

  3. Why can't I just do this myself?

  4. Why use greeting cards?

  5. Why should I use Client Minders as opposed to buying personalized cards from a greeting card company?

  6. Who uses your card sending services?

  7. How do I get my client information to you?

  8. What if I don't have my client list digitized?

  9. How do you get my signature and written greetings on the cards?

  10. How and when do I pay?

  11. How do I update my client names and addresses?

  12. Are there any setup fees?

  13. What are the minimum requirements to sign up for a program?

  14. Can I order personalized cards in bulk and have them sent directly to me?

  15. What about privacy?


What will Client Minders do for me and my business?
We offer greeting card and mailing services that allow you to personally stay in touch with your clients throughout the year. The cards can have your printed signature inside and the envelope will be printed with a handwriting-style font. In today's technology-filled world, the fact that it will look like you took the time to send a personal greeting card to your clients will do wonders for your repeat and referral business efforts.
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Why do I need a customer retention program?
It is much less expensive to keep current clients than to constantly go after new ones.  Sometimes, in the pursuit of increasing sales and profits, businesses forget the importance of retaining current customers. A primary benefit of our retention programs is that it increases client retention by increasing client loyalty.  Clients are not likely to go to your competitors if they believe they have a personal relationship with the owner/manager/staff of your business. In addition, they will most likely recommend your business to friends and associates -- the most cost-effective way to acquire new customers.
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Why can't I just do this myself?
Since this is all we do, we have developed processes to get this done more efficiently than most businesses can on their own.  Think about all the extra time and costs involved in finding and buying greeting cards, addressing the envelopes one by one, signing each card individually, buying and affixing stamps to the envelopes, getting your entire client list in order, and making sure that each card goes out in time.  This is precious time you could spend running your business!  If you have employees, think about the time and money saved by having them do what they were initially hired to do. When you think about the actual final cost of doing this on your own, it adds up to much more than the cost of the card and the postage stamp. We can send your cards out more efficiently and less expensively than if you tried to do this on your own. Our services allow you to maintain client contact and automate your referral marketing plans with little effort.
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Why use greeting cards?
Greeting cards get the best response rate of any direct mail method.  Greeting card industry data shows that the use of greeting cards as a marketing tool can generate a response rate of more than 50%, while Forrester Research finds that typical direct mail response rates range from .5% to 5%.

Greeting cards have also been proven to increase customer retention.  A recent study compared sales representatives who participated in a program of regular greeting card mailings to their clients (at least four times a year) with those who did not.  The sales representatives who participated had a significantly better client retention rate than those who did not. Greeting cards are also inexpensive and give you the most value for your marketing dollar.  Unlike "junk mail," our personalized greeting cards leave a tangible impression that will reinforce and build your client relationships. 
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"A 5% increase in customer retention can generate a 50% to 120% increase in profits"
                                     --Lynn Thomas, 21st Century Management Consultants

Why should I use Client Minders as opposed to buying personalized cards from a greeting card company?
Client Minders is a marketing company that offers client retention services in the form of personalized greeting card mailings. We offer services such as date-sensitive mailings, quality reproduction of your handwritten message inside your greeting cards, and first-class postage. No mailing labels are ever used as we print mailing addresses directly onto the envelope in a handwriting-style font. Most greeting card companies simply cannot afford to offer the printing AND mailing services we do and expect to make a profit. Since this is all we do, we have refined our processes and can deliver our services promptly while adding value to your business.
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Who uses your card sending services?
Our customers are businesses and professional individuals in varied industries.  Our clients all have a common need to communicate with their clients in a personal way.  Sending greeting cards adds a warm, personal dimension to the business relationship that is sorely lacking in today's business world.  Most business people have a desire to communicate this feeling to their clients but don't know how to do it in a cost-effective way.
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How do I get my client information to you?
Once you create a free account, you can go to your address book for directions on how to format your data. Most of our clients use Microsoft Excel to get their data ready for uploading. Many contact management programs can export CSV files and those can be imported into Excel and saved as the file format needed to upload your information. If you do not have access to Excel, we can help you get started. If you can export your client information out of your contact management program as a properly formatted CSV file, we can help you upload it to your account. Contact Customer Support for more details.
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What if I don't have my client list digitized?
You can either enter your client information one at a time in your account’s Address Book or we will accept your client data on paper. We'll do all the work to enter your data manually into our system. You client data will be entered by us at a cost of $0.20 per contact. The time it takes to get your entire list in your account will depend on the size of your client list.
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How do you get my signature and written greetings on the cards?
We will provide detailed instructions on sending us your signature in the PDF you’ll be asked to download after you have signed up for a program. After we receive your completed written note, we scan your signature and/or greetings and store it for use throughout the year. Our printing and scanning methods are not public information as it took many hours and quite a bit of money to find devices suitable for our type of service.  If you've have received samples from other card sending services, you'll notice many of them still have not found the right equipment! We welcome you to research and see how the quality of your handwriting reproduction compares to other services. 
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How and when do I pay?
When you sign up for our Birthday Program, you must buy mailing credits. One mailing credit is equal to one greeting card and one postage stamp. You are asked to buy the same amount of mailing credits as clients you are signing up for the program. For example, if you sign up 100 clients in your birthday program, you must purchase 100 mailing credits to activate your program. As we send birthday cards to your clients, the amount of mailing credits used per month are deducted from your account. When your account runs low, you will be asked to purchase more credits or your program will not continue.
For our Sphere of Influence program mailings, you will be asked to pay 3-4 weeks before each of your scheduled mailings. This allows enough time to send in your written notes for the upcoming mailing and to order your cards from our suppliers.
For our Sphere of Influence program, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover either by PayPal or by telephone. We also accept personal and business checks for birthday programs but there will be a delay in your account setup while your check clears the bank. Due to time constraints, we do not accept checks for Sphere program mailings. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for your programs with a credit card online.
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How do I update my client names and addresses?
You may log in to your account 24 hours a day to make changes to your client address book. If you are on the Birthday program, you will receive an automated email on the first of each month asking you to approve the birthday cards we will be sending the following month. For example, you would receive an email April 1st asking you to log in to your account and take a look at the contacts in your program that are scheduled to receive birthday cards in May. If there are any address updates or client additions/deletions, this 10 day update window is when you would make those changes. You will have 10 full days each month to make your updates for the following month’s birthday card mailings. Once you have reviewed your list and made your updates, you will then be asked to approve your list. Whether or not you approve your list, on the 11th of the month we will begin printing your cards for the following month’s birthdays. After the 10th of the month, you may not make any changes to the following month’s birthday card mailings in your account as we have already started the printing process. If you do not want us to send a card to a particular person in your list for the following month, you must contact Customer Support to have the card taken out of our mailing system.
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Are there any setup fees?
No. This is extremely important as some companies will charge you literally hundreds of dollars to setup your service.  Most will also "nickel-and-dime" you for every little option such as signature scanning and envelope printing—one company we know of charges to print your recipient address and then charges you again to print your return address. These costs will definitely add up in the end. We try to make our billing system as simple as possible to avoid any confusion.
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What are the minimum requirements to sign up for a program?
Birthday Program: 75 contacts 
Sphere of Influence program: 50 contacts
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Can I order personalized cards in bulk and have them sent directly to me?
Yes you can.  Just let us know which card you'd like and we'll ship them out to you to do with as you wish.  Volume pricing for greeting cards sent directly to you is the same as they are for using them our programs minus postage. Shipping extra.
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What about privacy?
Your contact data is stored on a secure server. You may also read our Privacy Policy on this website.
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Please contact customer service with any additional questions you may have.